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We have set up this site to help with the transition to SDI 2.0

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After November the 20th 2020 you will no longer be able to process questionnaires in the existing SDI system.

After 1st of December 2020 your data will get transferred to a new online system.

In order to keep using SDI after the 1st of December 2020 you will need to move your data to the new platform. We will work with you to accomplish this.

What is Changing?

From SDI to RQ (Relationship Intelligence)

SDI is changing and moving to a fully integrated RELATIONSHIP INTELLIGENCE online platform system.

The new SDI 2.0 assessment combines the previous 3 separate assessments – SDI, Portrait of Personal Strengths and Portrait of Overdone Strengths.

After completing the SDI 2.0 you are going to be able to access a new online platform to explore your own and other people’s profiles in an interactive online learning journey, be able to share and compare their profiles with others, and create teams – all with the intention of better collaborating and communicating with each other and building their Relationship Intelligence. 

You can have a quick tour of the platform here

The old SDI system will be stopped on the 1st of December 2020 with the last questionnaires filled in by Friday 20th of November 2020.

How is it going to happen?


In order for the change to the new system to work smoothly here are some key steps. 
We will add updates and more information as we get them:

• You can use the existing online system to administer SDI questionnaires until the 20th of November 2020

• Any data you have in the existing online system will be transferred to a new portal, through which you will be able to access your clients data and you can continue working with them as you did so far – but better!

• The new SDI 2.0. is completely digital. This means data will not be transferred if a person doesn’t have an email. If you have people in the system then email addresses will need to be added where needed.

• If you know of any data that you don’t need transferred or is outdated, you can delete it from your system yourself. This way you’ll have a cleaner database to start with.

This process is free of charge both for you and your clients. 



Watch this video where we outline, in Slovene, the main points that were discussed in the online sessions regarding the added value and changes that SDI 2.0. brings.  We hope this will help to explain some things a little clearer.


The first live online sessions for SDI Certified Facilitators have been delivered to show more about the upcoming changes, to better understand the key features of the new online platform and to share information about the transition period.


A follow up email has been sent to everyone who has not responded to the initial emails informing them of what is happening with the transition to SDI 2.0.